21 May 2022

On the occasion of celebrating the first anniversary of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IANUBIH), a two-day manifestation "Academy Days 2022" was organised at the Europa Hotel in Sarajevo.

On the first day, the Annual Assembly was held, which was opened by the President Asim Kurjak. After the reports and introductory lectures, honorary members and laureates of the Academy were appointed, the Emerik Blum and Mak Dizdar awards were given, and new regular and associate members of the Academy were promoted.

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Promoted from the status of associate to a regular member of the Academy, I had the honour to give a speech on behalf of the 6 promoted members.

On the second day, Saturday, the conference "Roads of the Diaspora and Homeland - Diaspora in the Function of Development" was held.

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