11 September 2021

At the scientific conference "Bosanska Posavina: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", organised by the Socio-Cultural Platform for Bosanska Posavina and the "Prsten" (Ring) Association held in Zagreb on 11 September 2021, I delivered a talk about "Home in the Light of Modern Homelessness". I was the president of the Scientific Council of the conference which brought together the presentations of eleven scientists.

Journalist and publicist Pejo Gašparević published an excerpt from the paper on the Garevac.info portal, accompanied by the following words: "Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Prof Pavo Barišić (Gornja Dubica)... gave, in my opinion, a brilliant paper entitled 'Home in the Light of Modern Homelessness'. On this occasion, I decided to offer readers a part of this paper with the subtitle 'Home and Identity' in which the author sketches home in gentle words, emphasising that in the homeland things look 'lovely and sweet'."

Home and Identity

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