21 August 2018

Learning To Be Human

XXIV World Congress of Philosophy, Beijing, 13-20 August 2018

I tdelivered the lecture “Contest of Truth and Lie in Democracy” lecture and served as moderator of the Section for Political Philosophy. I participated in the General Assembly of the International Federation of the Philosophical Societies (FISP) as a delegate of the Croatian Philosophical Society.

23 June 2018

Bioethics in Context

Summer School Tutzing, 20-22 June 2018

Within the framework of the International Summer School of Bioethics for doctoral students, I delivered on 21 June 2018 the lecture “Ethical Theories of Life”.

08 May 2018

Scientific Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

In recognition of the “acknowledgment for scientific works in my research area and my contribution to scientific collaboration with colleagues in Germany”, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation invited me to a research stay at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich from February to May 2018.

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