15 March 2022

At the Napredak Cultural Centre in Zagreb, Franjo Topic's book Bosnia and Herzegovina Our Homeland was presented on 15 March 2022. With the participation of the author, I spoke about the book together with presenters Prof Slavko Slišković and ef. Aziz Hasanović. The presentation was moderated by the President of the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak branch in Zagreb, Prof Dražen Vikić-Topić.

"Academician Pavo Barišić pointed out that in Franjo Topic's texts there is an undisguised love for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the formula of unity in diversity.

'He stands for the good, for the truth, for the just. His involvement is driven by a desire to help those who stand for valid values. By shedding light on the phenomena and actions of people, he believes that in this way one can help solve important social issues. In a positive atmosphere, the author does not hide his desire to express faith in the good future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in his columns. With sincere intention, he publishes his thoughts and seeks dialogue with others. As he advocates, so he invites all people of good will to build a common house of survival, their own homeland. He opposes those who indulge in despair and hopelessness. His columns of protests are directed against the negative vibrations that surround him ', said academician Barišić in his presentation."(ZG express)

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