22 April 2023

The European Centre for Peace and Cooperation "Maria Star" in Banja Luka hosted the second international and interreligious symposium "Faith in God – Unites or Divides?" on 22 April 2023, organised by the Department of Humanities and Culture, the Department of Religions of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Centre for Peace and Cooperation.

The main organisers of the symposium were Academy fellows Franjo Komarica and Lino Veljak. Along with the organisers, the meeting was opened by the president of the Academy Asim Kurjak, who gave an introductory talk entitled "Science and Religion - Synergism and not Skepticism".

I gave a presentation on Juraj Dragišić from Srebrenica as an advocate of the unifying faith. I have interpreted his four great defences of: Cardinal Bessarion, Pico della Mirandola, Girolamo Savonarola and Johannes Reuchlin.

After the symposium, the mass celebration in the parish church of Maria Star was celebrated by Bishop Franjo Komarica, and after the mass, as well as at the beginning of the symposium, a concert was held by the choir: Cantores Sancti Marci.

Symposium programme and paper summaries


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