11 November 2022

My new book "Ante Starčević: Ideals of Freedom and Rights" was presented at the traditional and well-attended Interliber book fair at the Zagreb Fair on 11 November 2022. The monograph, published by the School Book publishing house in Zagreb, was presented by: the president of the School Book Board, Dr. Ante Žužul, the book reviewer Dr. Željko Holjevac, and the book editor Jozefina Ćurković.

The numerous visitors, to whom I shared the author's dedications, were joined in congratulating: Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović, Minister of Science and Education Radovan Fuchs, and Minister of Culture Nina Obuljen Koržinek.

Kristina Olujić Ježić published an interview with me in the weekly magazine Nacional on 29 November 2022: "Today he is considered a right-winger, but Starčević was a liberal and a democrat according to his views" (PDF).

Vanja Vinković published an interview with me in Croatian Weekly (Hrvatski tjednik) on 15 December 2022: "Professor Pavo Barišić's new book Ideals of Freedom and Rights about the Life of the Pater Patriae has become a Croatian journalistic success story" (PDF).

A book review of Vedrina Obućina entitled "A fresh look at the Pater Patriae" was published in biweekly magazine Vijenac on 15 December 2022 (PDF).

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