26 September 2022

The 30th Days of Fran Petrić opened on September 26, 2022, at the Kimen Hotel in Cres. About 120 lecturers from 17 countries have participated in the symposiums "World in Philosophy" and "Croatian Philosophy and Culture in Interaction and Context". As president of the Programme Committee of the main symposium, I delivered a public lecture "The World in the New Universal Philosophy of Frane Petrić" on the eve of the conference in the hall of the Community of Italians in Cres.

The anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on the past 30 years. In the newspaper Novi list, my words from the welcome speech were reported: "The first meeting was held from July 9 to 11, 1992 as a return meeting for the Slovenian Philosophical Society, which held a scientific meeting in Ljubljana in February 1992 as a sign of solidarity with the victims of Greater Serbian aggression. Nowadays, when we are once again witnessing the horrors of war destruction in Europe, the Greater Russian aggression against Ukraine, which threatens to spread to other countries and start a world fire, it is all the more significant to recall the peaceful philosophical atmosphere from which Frane Petrić Days developed."

The president of the Croatian Philosophical Society, Hrvoje Jurić, recalled the persons and institutions deserving and responsible for the organisation and stated that over the course of three decades, 1,123 participants from 49 countries on five continents participated in the Frane Petrić Days, who gave 2,367 presentations.

The initiator of the Frane Petrić Days, Mislav Ježić, pointed out in his welcoming speech that "thirty years of activity of this most important regular international meeting of the Croatian Philosophical Society are proof of the success of that enthusiasm that wanted to show Croatia and the world that philosophy, culture and love of freedom are more valuable and stronger than any aggression, weapons and destruction".

Programme of the 30th Days of Frane Petrić (PDF)

Book of abstracts (PDF)

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